Here at Lovely Things we love to collaborate with great people who work to promote sustainability in Ireland in an accessible way. It is absolutely wonderful to be part of the brilliant work being done and to share in and support craftspeople, artists, creatives & sustainability projects wherever we can.


The brainchild of the super talent Rachel Thornburgh who works her magic to create amazing clothes, homewares and soft furnishings from some unusual sources! Lovely Things is working with Rachel to revive some great pieces of kids' clothing which otherwise might end up in textile recycling or, even worse, landfill.

It is a joy to listen to Rachel talk about the endless possibilities of an item of clothing and her creative outside the box thinking. She is such great craic too! Check out our chats and our 'Re-Jingled Collection' which will be available once we can get together when Covid 19 Restrictions are eased. Here is a link to one of the items to be 're-jingled'. Watch this space!