Why Buy Pre-loved? 8 great reasons

P is for practically perfect

To quote that wonderful phrase from Mary Poppins! So many clothes are worn just a handful of times. In fact, the average garment is worn just 7 times before we get rid of it.

Many of our children's clothes are worn far fewer times (if at all) because they grow so fast. Pre-loved items are often new with tags, unworn with tags removed or have very few (if any signs of wear) so get ready for some serious quality kids’ clothing coming your way. We have set out a handy guide to what common abbreviations mean in our FAQs

R is for re-loved

‘Pre-loved’ means a wonderful garment that's had a previous owner and that’s just waiting to be re-loved. What could be better!

E is for Environment

Want to reduce pollution? (check!) want to limit CO2 emissions? (check!) want to reduce water waste? (check!) want to reduce textile waste to landfill? (check!) want to give your child a cleaner planet? (check!) want to hug a tree (check! – ok so it’s easy to get carried away). It's easy to be light hearted about such a great option for kids' clothing but the environmental impact of the textile industry is real. If you would like to learn more about this. Check out our FAQs for some great, trustworthy links. 

L is for LovelyThings.ie

Where you can find just about anything for your kids to wear. We are absolutely passionate about this business and delivering great quality. If you want to read some more about what inspired us and our commitment to you check Our Story

O is for Out of the Ordinary

Want to find a ‘once-off outfit’ that no-one else’s kid is wearing? Want to get your hands on some clothes that won’t cause you to cry like a baby if they want roll around in the grass/muck/sandpit/bath the dog/cat/budgie, eat spaghetti Bolognese off their lap or head? Want to get some serious designer wear into your kids’ wardrobe? Grab some preloved clothes daaaahling – because your kids were born to stand out. 

V is for Very, Very, Very High Standards

If we wouldn’t put it on our own kids, we won’t sell it to you to put on yours – ever.

E is for Euros

Because you’re saving loads of them. Shopping pre-loved from us means serious saving and great quality. 

D is for Delighted

The emotion that you’ll feel when you get your delivery from LovelyThings.ie – we promise. If you are not, we will do everything we can to make that right. We are parents too and this is a family business that we want to be proud of.